Prevent my MyEnergi Device to drain my Solar Battery

Do you have a MyEnergi Eddi Power Diverter, which often drain your DC Coupled Solar PV Battery?

Here is an easy Seven Step to stop it!

Before we get into the itty, bitty things, you need to understand, why does it happen.

When your Solar PV / Wind System export power to the grid, it takes a couple of seconds for your Battery system to cap on and start to store it.   
However, if you have a MyEnergi Eddi power diverter installed, it might think that your Battery is full. Therefore it tries to capture the exported electricity.   
While your Eddi thinks that the Battery is full (as your Battery not talking to the MyEnergi Eddi), it feels the house demand is increased. Therefore it discharges itself.   
To prevent the I boost or the MyEnergi Power Diverter discharge your Battery, you need to enable a so-called “Threshold” on your Power Diverter unit.  

Here is a 7 Step on how to do it:

Step 1 – Go to your Eddi and Enter the main menu  

Step 2 – Scroll down to the “advanced” and hit the Tick (4th Button) to Enter

Step 3 – Enter the Passcode (which is 0000 by default). Hit the Tick 4 times to proceed to advance settings

Step 4 – Select the “Supply Grid” from the Menu

Step 5 – Scroll down in the “Supply Grid” until you see the threshold

Step 6 – Set the Export “Threshold” to 150W. So the Eddi will not kick in unless there is a significant export.

Step 7 – Set your “Response Delay” to 30 Seconds, so if there is an export spike, the Eddie will ignore it.

However if you have a continuous export which is 150w or more for more than 30 seconds, it will do its job without draining the battery out.


Please find downloadable docs below:

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