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Our achievements for our customers
PV Panels we installed for our customer till 2023
MWh of Green energy was generated by our customers in 2022
Tonnes of CO2 saved per annum by our customers saved in 2022
Euros saved to our customer in 2022
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Our Solutions

The most advanced technology of Solar PV systems, which designed and built for your needs , while providing the highest level of safety for you!


Solar For Residential

 Smart solar for Residential customers is the ideal solution, as it provides a cost effective

Solar For Commercial

Smart Solar PV are ideal solution to reduce your Energy Overheads, while reducing carbon footprint

Solar PPA

Solar PPA, also known as Power Purchase Agreement, meaning that you have no upfront cost (Capital investment),

Why veep energy ?

VEEP Energy is bringing Ideas to Reality while we execute project plans on the highest level.


With our eight years of extensive experience in the Irish industry,
our innovative team deliver top-notch customised Turn-key solutions for our Residential & Commercial customers.


You can rest assured that your Solar PV project will be developed without interruption and while it will be built to the highest standards using the most advanced technology & materials.

How we Make it Possible?

Our 3 steps to manage your solar pv. project


Project Design

In our first step, we develop the High-Level Project designs, optimise for shading and maximise Efficiency.


Our Engineers will

  • Find the most effective solutions
  • Develop feasibility studies
  • Complete investment return calculations
  • Develop a Project Plan

Project Planning & Development

In our second step, our engineers survey the location of the PV Panels, carry out the Low-Level PV Array and Electrical Surveys and address any challenges.


Our experienced team will

  • Develop a detailed project plan
  • Prepare Health and Safety Documentation
  • Calculate Electrical & Roof Designs
  • And Ensure that your Solar PV Journey is smooth & painless.

Project Completion & Handover

In our third step, our engineers carry out the development on your premise and our chief engineer(s) will hand over the project for you.


Our Engineers only leave your premise, once the Project is:

  • Fully Completed
  • Fully Operational
  • The Site is Cleaned up
  • The Demonstration to you is Completed
  • The Monitoring Portal setup on your smart device
  • And you are fully Satisfied with the Finished job.
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