Huawei Abnormal Communication

It could be very frustrating when your Huawei Solar PV App suddenly stop working and, at the same time, gives you warning messages, which elevate your worries and fears. Something must be wrong…

The good news is, nothing to worry about as nothing has broken down. Simply your Huawei Solar System lost the Broadband (wifi) connection with your router.

This could be caused by two reasons:

1) You recently changed Wifi provider, who give you new wifi router

2) Your Wifi Signal is poor in your attic and you might need to purchase a Wifi Extender such as a TP-link wifi extender kit (you might pick one up in Harvey Norman)

The Solution
You need to connect to the Huawei Solar Inverter from your Smart Phone and Pair its integrated Wifi with your Home Router

How to do it?

Step 1) Open Your Fusion Solar APP and Login with your Fusion Solar Username and Password

Step 2) Find your Inverter (if you have multiple Sites) and select your site from the drop down list.

Step 3) Click on “ME”, then “Device Commissioning”

Step 4)  Click on “Connect”

Step 5) Scan the QR Code on your Inverter 

Step 6) Select Installer and Enter Password (the Default Password is SUN2000L.) 

However for VEEP Energy Customers its Custom 2021 or Custom 2022

Step 7)  Click on “Settings”

Step 8) Click on “Communication Configuration”

Step 9) Click on “Router Connection Settings”

Step 10) Select your Router from the Drop down list

Step 11) and enter your Wifi Password

Step 12) If a Wifi message pops up, click on “Keep Trying Wifi”

Step 13) Click on “Connect” on the top right hand corner

Step 14) Wait until your Huawei Solar Inverter try to connect to your Home Wifi

Step 15) If you Selected your Home Wifi Network and Entered the Correct Password a “Connection Successful Message will pop up”

If not, Repeat Step 10 to Step 14!

Step 16) Verify Successful Wifi Connection

Step 17) Click on “Communication Configuration”

Step 18) check that the Fusion Solar Server Address is set Correctly ( Port27250, if not amend).

Step 19) Click on the Top left hand corner Tick the  “I have been authorised by the user to connect to the management system”

And Finally click “Connect” again on the Top Right Hand Corner

Step 20) Verify Communication between your Huawei Solar PV Inverter and the Huawei Cloud Servers

Alternatively, you can watch this tutorial Video on How to reconnect your Huawei Solar PV Inverter to your Wifi router.