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Frequently asked questions

    01. How does solar pv work?

    Solar PV, PV stands for Photovoltaic, uses the sun's energy to convert daylight into electricity.

    The electricity is then consumed within the home, reducing your need to buy energy from a supplier.

    When a Solar PV system produces more energy than a home needs, the extra energy can go to your immersion heater or electric vehicle.

    Solar PV is not to be confused with Solar Thermal - while Solar Thermal heats water only, Solar PV gives you free electricity and hot water.

    02. Will it save me money?

    Yes, it will save you money. Depending on how much you pay for electricity a system could repay the cost in as little as 4-5 years on residential cases and as Lowe as 2years on Commercial cases.

    A properly designed Solar PV System is capable of producing electricity for up to 30 years giving you 25 years of free electricity (after payback).

    03. Is my roof suitable?

    We can install on all roof types.

    Most roofs are suitable for solar panels subject that they not facing North.

    Some roofs may have obstacles which cast shadows on the panels but we will analyse this during our survey and mitigate it Power Optimisers to maximise performance.

    04. What size do I need?

    The size of the array depends on your electricity consumption.

    We believe a target of 50-60% reduction on Residential and Commercial Installations is good.

    However, we will analyse your bills to determine the size of array that maximises the amount of electricity that you will consume yourself.

    While we aim to minimises the amount of grid supplied electricity.

    This will give you the best value.

    05. Are there grant available?

    There are grants available to home and business users.

    The maximum home grant on Solar PV is €2400.

    The home grant breakdown is €900 per kW up to a maximum of 2 kW, €300 per kW thereafter up to 4kW.

    Homes that were first occupied before 2019 and have not received a Solar PV Grant before are eligible for the Solar grant.

    Agricultural Commercial Businesses can Avail up to €90,000 euros or 60% of the cost of the Solar system.

    Non Agri Commercial Business can claim back the 100% of the Green Equipments through Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACCA).

    06. Is finance available?

    Yes, there is Finance available for both Residential and Commercial Customer.

    For Residential customers the most common is the Green Finance.

    For Commercial Customers it could be:

    1. Green Finance.
    2. Leasing.
    3. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

    Each of them have their own pros and cons, therefore please feel free to get in touch to find out the full details on them.

    07. What is the next steps?

    Contact us today by phone, email or web form to discuss your project in more detail with one of our experts, who will be happy to assist you.


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