About Us

VEEP Energy is a Dublin-based family-owned company founded in 2015. With over 15 full-time staff, Veep Energy is focused on helping small and medium businesses and farmers transition to renewable energy sources.

VEEP Energy’s core objective is to provide secure and dependable solar PV systems to its business clients. These systems not only help our customers cut down on electricity costs but also contribute to their environmental responsibility by reducing CO2 emissions.

VEEP Energy`s team has extensive residential & industry experience, with over 2000+ projects completed, including a whopping 24,000 solar PV modules installed in Ireland.

VEEP Energy has a proven track record in project management and development, having been trusted by companies such as Landrover / Jaguar, Skoda, Suir Shipping, Fine Print, Webprint, Automotive Team, ATC Logistics, Inverter Petrol Station, Topaz, and many more.