ESBN Networks Certification – Explanation

Micro Generator Limitation on ESBN Networks

If you want to install Solar Panels in your home / Business, but you are unsure which ESB application you should fill out or get from your installer and why?
E.g: NC5, NC6, NC7 , NC8…

Here is a guide for you from VEEP energy

The question of how much AC Power (Micro Generator) you can connect to the ESB networks arises more and more.
Here is the exact breakdown in Lehman terms from ESB Networks itself.

Under the NC6

Micro-Generator is a source of electrical energy which operates in parallel with ESB Networks LV System and rated up to and including:

  • 25 amperes (≈6kVA) at low voltage [230 volts] when the connection is single phase
  • 16 amperes(≈11kVA) at low voltage [230/400 volt] when the connection is three-phase

We acknowledge that units may have been inadvertently purchased and installed based on manufacturers model references as opposed to specific data sheet information. In order to address the issue in a reasonable manner and ensure there is absolute clarity, we are now highlighting that we will continue to accept applications for units referenced as 6kW, but with a Rated Current (as per Type Test) of up to a maximum of 28A single phase, until 31st May 2023, however from that date on any units with a Rated Current (as per Type Test) over 25A will not be eligible for connection under the NC6 Microgeneration connection application route.

Under the NC7

Mini-Generation is the term which applies when an electricity customer installs inverter connected generation, within the range covered in the definition below, at a premises for the purpose of producing electricity. These generators are generally installed to locally produce clean electricity  primarily for self-consumption, thus reducing the need and cost of purchasing electricity. Mini-Generation allows customers to take action to address the issues of climate change, rising electricity prices and reliance on fossil fuels on our journey to a clean electric future together. 

Mini-Generation is designed to operate in parallel with the electricity network and is defined as a source of inverter connected electrical energy, and all associated electrical equipment, in the range as follows:

  • 25 amperes (6kVA) to 72 amperes (17kVA), when the connection is single-phase 
  • 16 amperes (11kVA) to 72 amperes (50kVA), when the connection is three-phase

Under the NC8

Small Scale Generation is designed to operate in parallel with the electricity network and is defined as a source of connected electrical energy, and all associated electrical equipment where the Installed Generator Capacity is less than or equal to the MIC, in the range as follows:

  • Inverter-connected Installed Capacity greater than 72amps (≈50kVA) Three Phase and up to 200kVA, or,
  • Synchronous Installed Capacity greater than 6kVA and up to 200kVA 

Note: the maximum single phase connection permitted is 72Amps (17kVA)