Mc Closkey Bakery 100kWP Solar PV

Veep Energy recently installed a 100kWP Smart Rooftop Solar PV System on Mc Closkey Bakery.

The Project commenced in early August 2018 and was finished in less than two weeks.

This Commercial Rooftop Installation consisted of 364 x 275WP Phono PV Panels, and 4 x 25kWp Fronius Eco Inverter and a G10 Relay for Grid Connection Safety.


McLusky Bakery 100kWP Solar Pv Installation begin part 2
McLusky Bakery 100kWP Solar Pv Installation completed
McLusky Bakery 100kWP Solar Pv Fronius Inverters

Our Main Goals

Our Main Goal was to significantly reduce the client Energy dependents on ESB.

While providing a professional product and service, which provides the Best Possible Efficiency and Investment Return


SolarPV System Size

100kWp DC


€ Saved per annum

€40,000 per annum with 40c/kW Rate


CO2 Emmission Saved

35.29 Tonnes / Annum


Project Completion Time

Less than 4 Weeks