As part of our Carbon Emission reduction plans here at VEEP Energy, we decided to retire our old Diesel Forklift and replace it with a New Electric one.

It is not just a lot more cost-effective to operate, but it also significantly reduces the noise level. Our new Full Electric forklift significantly reduces VEEP Energy’s Carbon emissions (CO2).

Our Journey and your Solar System Delivery with VEEP Energy just got cleaner again 🙂 🙂 🙂

With a day-to-day Empty to full Charge, it only consumes 10kW a Day from our Solar Panels, which equals 2000kW per annum.
(10kW daily usage x by 200working days = 2000kW per annum)

To run this new Electric forklift, only 6 x 400WP Solar Panels are needed, which will generate approximately 2400kW of Electricity per annum.

Fortunately, we installed 34 x 405WP Glass to Glass in our Head Quarter already in November 2022. 🙂

We purchased this new All Electric forklift from Clearlift Ireland, who provided professional advice on our needs and identified the best forklift for our applications.

This move solved our long-term concerns on operations and carbon emissions.

(Thanks Wayne and Jonathan at Clearlift, for the professional advice and guides).