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Solar PV Panels for Your Home

Your home is one of your most precious assets; therefore, it deserves the Best!
There are significant differences between Solar Panel systems, just like big differences between cars.
At Veep Energy, we provide the Safest and most efficient system, so-called Smart Solar Systems, which offers the best performance and highest Fire Safety in parallel with outstanding professionalism and aftercare support, which is unique in the industry.

  • Most Efficienty Equipments
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Highest Safety & Fire Prevention
  • Arc Protection
  • Module Level Monitoring
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Up to 30% More Power with our Smart Solar PV Systems
  • Up to 30Years Product Warranty
  • Up to 5 Years of Operation + Maintenance
  • Personal Hand over-on completion
  • 5 Years Workmanship Warranty
  • 5 Years of Operation and Maintenance as Standard
  • Professional Development
  • In-house Engineers
  • 10 Years in Business
  • Dedicated Customer Care Team
  • 72Hrs Response
  • SEAI Grant Guarantee by VEEP Energy

Did you know you can receive up to 2100 euros of SEAI Grant for your Home Solar Panel installation?
But wait, we didn’t stop here. Once you qualify and apply for the SEAI Grant, VEEP Energy guarantee your Home Solar Grant.
With our decade-long experience and in-house team, we have processed over 1000 SEAI Grant applications with a 100% Success rate since 2018. Therefore, we are confident that you will be in safe hands when you choose VEEP Energy for your solar PV panel installation.
Over 2500 Residential Customers trusted & chose VEEP Energy; get in touch to discuss your Home Solar PV Project now!

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We Manage the Whole Process

Step 1

Veep Energy identifies the best location and cable routes for your Home Solar PV Installation.

Step 2

Veep Energy conducts safety and risk assessments during installations to mitigate risks to children, staff, and the public.

Step 3

Veep Energy asses the best Solar PV System, including optional Battery, EV-Charger, and Hot Water Diverter for your needs & Budget

Step 4

Veep Energy email over the details breakdown for two options we believe suit you best So you can make the right decision with this long-term investment

Step 5

Veep Energy complete the Solar PV installation on your Home on the pre-agreed date

Step 6

Our Solar Customers enjoy their Solar journey with VEEP Energy because, upon completion, Veep Energy’s Project Supervisor will walk you through the finished Solar PV Installation and explain how your Home Solar PV System works to ensure that you are satisfied and understand your Home Solar System.

Step 7

The Veep Energy compliance team compiles and hands over the Solar PV Handover and guarantee pack, which they email to you and the Necessary Government Bodies, such as SEAI, RECI, and ESBN, on your behalf.

Solar PV Grants

Residential Solar PV Grant:

There are multiple Solar PV Grants available from the Irish Government.

Homeowners who install residential solar PV at their property through a registered safe electric and SEAI contractor, like Veep Energy, can receive a maximum of 2100 euros in grants from SEAI for their solar PV installation.

This Breakdown is as follows;

€800 for each kWP up to 2kWP and €250 for each additional kWP of Solar Panels, and the grant aid for residential customers up to 4kWP.

For Example;

  • A 2.0kW Solar PV Panel consisting of 5 x 400WP Panels receives €1600 of the SEAI grant.
  • A 3.0kW Solar PV Panel system consists 7 x 430WP Solar PV Panels could receive up to € 1850
  • A 4.0kW Solar PV System, which consists of 10 x 400WP Solar PV Panels, could receive up to € 2100 from SEAI.

The Solar PV (SPV) Application must be made on the SEAI website before work starts, and a registered Solar PV contractor such as VEEP Energy needs to be selected for a successful application.

To Register, visit https://mgen.seai.ie/Account/Login/Register

Upon your solar PV completion, VEEP Energy will typically compile the solar PV handover pack within two weeks and upload all necessary documentation and certification on your behalf.

Also, our in-house compliance team will email you the same for your records.

A Residential Solar PV Grant on VEEP Energy installations is typically paid out within 8-12 weeks after completion.

Another excellent benefit for Homeowners is that Residential Solar PV and battery Customers (since 1 May 2023) are also exempt from VAT if a complete solar PV System with a Solar Battery is installed simultaneously.

This means you can receive your complete turn key Solar PV from VEEP Energy, and while you receive 2100 euros of SEAI Home Solar PV Grant, at the same time, you could save an additional 2000 euros on the VAT as well.

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