Why Solar?

Have you ever suffered from Power Cuts in your home?


It can be frustrating to arrive home to discover that the power has gone out again, sometimes for hours.

By the time the electricity returns, your fridge may have defrosted, your stored food gone off, you have no light, no broadband, and you cannot even cook for the family.  If you’ve experienced Power Cuts the same as many homeowners in North Dublin, Wicklow, Cork, and other places throughout the country, a SolarEdge Solar System with Automatic Back-up Interface could be the solution for you.


With most Solar systems, when you experience a power cut your system must shut down from then grid.  This is to stop electricity from your solar system flowing back to the grid and potentially electrocuting ESB Networks personnel working to fix the problem.  Some Solar Systems have a double socket that allows you to connect a battery connect to critical items when there is a power cut.   But, to connect the battery, you must be at home when the power fails and maybe have get up in the middle of the night to find your torch so that you can plug in your extension lead.


SolarEdge automatic backup power in case of power failure

Some Solar Systems, such as Huawei Solar Backup Box, allow you to get a semi-automatic switch which powers some of your essential load.  However, to use this you must be at home when the power fails.

A SolarEdge Solar System with Automatic Back-up Interface installed by VEEP Energy will give you FULL emergency backup power in the event of a power cut even when you are not at home. 



VeepEnergy has been installing Smart Solar Panel Systems for almost a decade. We have helped over 2500 customers achieve their goals.  At VEEPEnergy, we are proud to be at the forefront of installing the latest technology.  With our Solutions, you do not just enjoy the benefit of Solar Panels. By combining our expertise and knowledge with the latest SolarEdge Home Backup system, your home will be fully protected and backed up in case of a power cut.

The SolarEdge Solar System is equipped with a 10kWh Battery and a Backup interface, which not only allows your Solar system to hold excess electricity and use it at a later stage (i.e. when the Sun goes down) but also provides a reliable backup power source, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even during grid failures.

When the power fails this will automatically switch your home over from Grid Supply to Solar + Battery within 3 seconds.

Moreover, the SolarEdge Solar system, a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety, offers unmatched fire safety characteristics. Its ARC detection and fire prevention features ensure the Solar PV array is swiftly shut down in case of a fault or arc development, providing you with a strong sense of security and peace of mind.

This means you can enjoy solar energy at night and during power outages, making your home more energy-efficient and self-sufficient.  The SolarEdge Smart System also allows you, as a customer, to charge the Solaredge Battery at a cheap night rate and discharge it when the customer pays the highest tariff.

An Another SolarEdge System With Full Backup Power, during a Storm in Cork;

SolarEdge Home Battery - Backup Power In case of Grid Outages




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