Why Solar?

How Solar is work?


How Solar PV System works, VEEP Energy explains

Solar Photovoltaic (P.V.) refers to solar modules that generate electricity for your home or business in daylight.

The sun shines on the solar P.V. modules, which generate D.C. (direct current) electricity.

This DC electricity is converted to usable A.C. (Alternate Current), which then can be used in your home or business.

Looking ahead, modern solar panels in early 2024 have already advanced significantly, ranging from 400WP to 450WP in a normal-sized solar panel (1.1m width x 1.75m tall).

This is a testament to the continuous innovation and improvement in the field of solar P.V. technology, filling you with optimism about the future of solar energy.

There are larger 550-600WP Solar P.V. Modules, but their sizes are typically 30% larger; therefore, it’s recommended for Commercial Roofs due to wind load factors.

A Standard SolaPV system includes PVV modules, Fire Safety Equipment, switching and isolation components, and a Solar PV Inverter.

If you choose Smart Solar, it will provide a Smart system in which various devices can form one ecosystem, where multiple products act as one, with the Sole purpose of maximising your Green Energy usage in the most customer-friendly way possible.

With Smart & Hybrid Systems, customers can Add Solar Batteries, Immersion Heaters such as the MyEnergi Eddi Device, an E.V. Charger, Load Controllers, an Import/Export Meter, a backup box, etc…

See SolarEdge Smart Eco Systen Below for reference:

SolarEdge Smart Home Solar PV System by VEEP Energy


Why Solar?

If you’ve ever questioned the reliability of Solar PV Panels in Ireland, rest assured,** the short answer is a resounding YES!**

It’s not just a few early adopters. More and more Residential & Commercial customers are embracing this type of technology and for a simple reason;

Despite Ireland’s reputation for cloudy weather, the advancements in Solar PV Technology over the past decade have been remarkable. This has translated into significant savings for Residential Solar PV customers, who can now reduce their Electricity usage by an average of 60%.

VEEP Energy Customer in Cork who went full Electric (electric heaters, heat pump, electric car, etc…) & received a SolarEdge Technologies optimised Solar System From VEEP Energy just before Christmas 2023.

They paid less than 100 euros for their electricity bill and received over 200 euros of Credit for their export in April 2024.

Similarly, Commercial customers can slash their ESB Bills by an average of 40%, making Solar PV Panels an intelligent investment for energy-conscious individuals and businesses.

For example, **Spirit Land rover / Jaguar Dealership **in Sandyford Co. Dublin chose VEEP Energy to design, install, and maintain their 100kW peak SolarEdge optimised Commercial Solar PV system, which **saved 40% **on Spirit JLR Electricity consumption in April 2024 alone.

Commercial SolarEdge Smart Solar PV at jaguar ireland

Combined with the latest Battery Technologies and smart home technologies such as Power Diverters (e.g., Eddi, Zappi & SolarEdge Immersion Heater) and paralleled with deficient maintenance, Solar PV Panels are a no-brainer for most Irish Homeowners, Landlords, and Business Owners.

Solar Panels are so proven that the Irish Government included them in its agenda to Fight Climate Change. Therefore, the government incentives Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, and School Solar PV system developments. Furthermore, it forced Electricity Suppliers to purchase any excess/surplus Energy generation at a fairly decent rate.

Home Owners now receive up to 2100 euros of SEAI Grants for their Solar PV systems, Businesses up to 162,000 euros of SEAI Grants, and Schools receive their Solar PV systems 100% Funded by the Irish Government.

The best thing is that all Solar PV Customers receive between 20-27c/kWH for their energy export, which allows customers like yourself to build up credit in the Sunny summer months and use it during the winter months when Solar Generation is low and Energy bills typically high.


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