What makes a Solar PV Smart?

Well, technically, the additional functionalities and added value, in short.

However, with the SolarEdge Smart Technologies combined with VEEP energy Expertise, you now not just gain more power & higher level of safety, but your PV System optimised for success.

This Meaning all of your PV Modules can work at their maximum efficiency even there is Permanent shading occurs from chimneys, Trees, etc…

or simple temporary shading from a bird drop, leaf, etc..

You can rest assured that only the affected PV Panel will reduce, leaving the other PV modules working at their maximum efficiency.

What would be a better way than this screenshot from one of our customers whose PV array (string) is affected by a permanent Chimney?

The Affected PV Module generates approx 50% less than the remaining 9 PV on the same string, leaving the other PV Modules working 50% better compared to the affected pv panel.

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