Solar PPA

Solar PPA, also known as Power Purchase Agreement, meaning that you have no upfront cost (Capital investment), you have no risk, however still enjoy the benefits of a Commercial Solar PV system and its savings.

The PPA agreement, gives you a freedomof accessing Solar as a Service, without the need of large CAPEX cost, while you receive benefits of Solar PV Panels Installed on your Commercial Roof.

Normally with a PPA, you will have two suppliers instead of one (like now).This means, whatever your Solar Panel generates, you purchase from the PPA provider on a fixed price and you only purchase the surplus from your current Energy Supplier.

For Example…

Your firm consumes100,000kW Day time energy from ESB and installing a 50kW Peak Solar PV Array . Depends on the orientation of the Solar array & depends on the quality of the materials, this 50kW PV system will generate between 37,000 – 45,000kW per Annum .

Your Business will purchase 45,000kW of Energy on a fix (e.g: 20c/kwh) while you keep purchasing the 55,000kWh from ESB, which the solar panels could supply.

What our Clients say

VEEP Energy
  • With our “Solar as a Service”, there is no upfront capital involved
  • Your Project is Fully Financed by Veep Energy
  • Installation will be carried by VEEP’s In-house Engineers
  • It will be regularly Maintained, Serviced and Cleaned by Veep Energy
  • You will receive the Safest and Most Efficient Equipment available
  • 3 Layer of Fire Safety measures as Standard
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • 72 Hours Response Time
  • Proactive Monitoring by Veep Energy
Key Benefits
  • Taking the arbitrage without risk or Investment
  • Secured Electricity Price for up to 25 Years
  • Protected from Rising Electricity Cost
  • No Capital Required
  • No Maintenance cost to you during the PPA Contract
  • Green Credentials
  • Reduced CO2 Emission
  • Possibility to Reduce Networks Charges
  • Option to own the Solar system after 5 Years

Example PPA Saving Calculations

If your Energy rate is 50c/kW (Variable) with your supplier and your PPA is 20c/kWH (fixed), your Savings can be calculated like this:

Current Bill based on 100,000kW of Electricity Consumption without PPA. GRID SUPPLY:

100,000kWh x 50c / kWh = €50,000 Plus VAT + Other Charges / Annum payable to the Energy Supplier.

Current Bill mixed with PPA on 100,000kW of Electricity Consumption.


    55,000kWh x 50c / kWh = €25,000 Plus VAT + Other Charges / Annum payable to the Energy Supplier.


    45,000kWh x 20c / kWh = €9,000 Plus VAT + NO Other Charges / Annum payable to the PPA Supplier.


    €50,000 paid last year – €25,000 for Energy Supplier – €9000 for Green Solar (PPA) Supplier = You will Save €16,000 per Annum in the First Year alone.

Why you should work with us

You can rest assured that your Solar PV project will be developed without interruption and will be built to the highest standards using the most advanced technology & materials.

  • We are SEAI and RECI Registered since 2015
  • We do it ourselves with our inhouse engineers
  • We provide comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Services with our installation
  • We look after our customers after the project is completed.
We Design

Our In-house engineers will design the most efficient System for your firm

We Build

Our experienced and highly trained team will build it, Commission it and hand it over to you

We Maintain

We will carry out annual inspection, maintenance and Cleaning to ensure maximum efficiency

You Save

You will take the arbitrage between your current (Variable) energy Rate and the Fixed PPA cost. The more our systems generate, the more you Save