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Solar PV Panels for Your School

Solar PV Panel systems for Primary and Secondary schools, now fully funded by the Irish Government up to 6kW Peak, not only provide significant benefits for schools in reducing Energy consumption but also play a crucial role in reducing their Carbon footprint, a responsibility we all share.

Whether your School Solar PV installations are a Government-Funded project or an Extension to an existing system, you can rest assured that VEEP Energy is the safest choice.

With our decade-long experience, VEEP Energy has completed over 25 schools in Ireland in the last 12 months alone. At VEEP Energy, we understand the unique environment around kids, staff and the public. Therefore, your Safety is our top priority!

  • Integrated Fire Safety
  • Module Level Shutdown
  • Smart Solar System with Module Level Monitoring
  • Solar TV Screen as standard
  • Professional Site setup & installation
  • Handover with the Principal and or with the School Secretary at the end of the installation
  • 5 Years Workmanship Warranty
  • 5 Years of Operation and Maintenance as Standard

While the Irish government may 100% grant-aided your school solar PV system, the process could be frustrating and sometimes overwhelming, in addition to your day-to-day duties as a School Principal.

At Veep Energy, we understand that school principals are already overloaded. Therefore, we will help you with your School’s solar PV design, tender submission, installation, solar panel handover upon completion, and grant paperwork management on your School’s behalf.

Over 25 School Principal trusted & chose VEEP Energy; get in touch to discuss your School Solar PV Project now!

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We Manage the Whole Process

Step 1

Veep Energy identifies the best location and cable routes for your School’s Solar PV Project.

Step 2

Veep Energy conducts safety and risk assessments during installations to mitigate any risks to children, staff, and the public.

Step 3

Veep Energy completed the Tender documents for the Department

Step 4

Veep Energy email over the details breakdown so you, as a School Principal, fully understand what you will receive on completion.

Step 5

Veep Energy complete the Solar PV installation on your School on the pre-agreed date

Step 6

On completion, Veep Energy’s Project Supervisor will walk you through the finished Solar PV Installation and explain how your School Solar PV System is working to ensure that you are not only satisfied but understand your Solar System.

Step 7

The Veep Energy compliance team compiles and hands over the Solar PV Handover and guarantee pack, which they email you for your and the Department’s records.

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