5.4kW Smart SolarEdge – Residential Solar PV Installed in Kildare

Veep Energy recently installed a 6kWP Smart Rooftop Solar PV System in Cork

The Project commenced in early September 2022 and was finished in less than one week.


The Project main components included:

  • SolarEdge Smart Inverter
  • SolarEdge Power Optimisers
  • German Qcell PV Panels
  • Dutch VanDerValk PV Mounting System
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SolarEdge Optimisation in life

Our Main Goals

Our Main Goal was to significantly reduce the client Energy dependents on ESB.

While providing a professional product and service, which provides the Best Possible Efficiency and Investment Return


SolarPV System Size

5.4kWp DC


€ Saved per annum

€2,100 per annum with 40c/kW Rate


CO2 Emmission Saved

2.12 Tonnes / Annum


Project Completion Time

1Day only