Hibernia Steel 105kW Solar PV Project in Co Meath

Hibernia Steel 105kW Solar PV in Slane, Co. Meath

Veep Energy installed an 105kWP Smart Rooftop Solar PV System on Hibernia Steel in Slane Co. Meath


The Project commenced in early August 2021 and was finished in less than one week.

This Commercial Rooftop Installation consisted of 232 x 450WP Qcell Solar PV Panels, and 1 x 105kWp SMA Core One Inverter and a G10 Relay for Grid Connection Safety.




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Project Information
  • Project Info

    Hibernia Steel - 105kWP Solar PV

  • Category

    SMA Commercial Solar PV Project

  • Date


Our Main Goal was to significantly reduce Hibernia Steel’s Energy dependents on ESB also reduce the CO2 Emissions and help the business to meet with its ESG requirements.

While providing a professional product and service, which provides the Best Possible Efficiency and Investment Return



Project Details

  • 232 x 450WP Glass to Glass Tier 1 Mono PV Module
  • 1 x SMA Core II. Three Phase Inverter
  • 1 x G10 Relay
  • Solar PV System Handover and Demonstration to customer
  • RECI and Solar PV Handover Pack
  • ESBN NC5 Application
  • 2 Years Operations and Maintenance
  • After Care Support
    • SolarPV System Size


    • € Saved per annum

      40,000 on 40c/kW ESB Rate

    • CO2 Emission Saved / Annum

      40 Tonnes

    • Project Completion Time

      1 Weeks

Hibernia Steel 105kW Solar PV Project in Co Meath
Hibernia Steel Solar array with Qcell PV Modules
Hibernia Steel 105kW Solar PV Array from Bird view
100kW SMA Solar Inverter for Hybernia Steel