17 Glass to Glass Smart Solar Panel installed in Monkstown Co Dublin

6kW Smart SolarEdge PV System installed in Monkstown, Co. Dublin

Veep Energy installed a 6kWP SolarEdge Smart Rooftop Solar PV System for this Residential Property in Monkstown Co.Dublin


This Home solar panel rooftop installation is a unique testament to our commitment to advanced technology. It features 14 x 430WP Tier one Glass Glass Mono PV panels and individual SolarEdge Power Optimisers, setting it apart from other solar systems in the market.


The SolarEdge power optimisers allow monitoring of the solar panels on the module level and boost the solar panel generation by a whopping 30% annually.


Furthermore, the SolarEdge Solar system, a testament to our commitment to safety, offers unmatched fire safety characteristics. Its ARC detection and fire prevention features ensure the Solar PV array is rapidly shut down in the event of a fault or arc development, providing you with a sense of security and peace of mind.


This Solar System is Equipped with a 10kW SolarEdge Home Battery and a SolarEdge Backup interface, which  not only allows our customer to hold the excess generation and use it at a later stage, i.e; when the Sun goes down, but also provides a reliable backup power source, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even during grid failures.

 This means you can enjoy solar energy even at night and during power outages, making your home more energy-efficient and self-sufficient.

The SolarEdge Smart System also allows the customer to charge the Solaredge Battery at a cheap night rate and discharge it when the customer pays the highest tariff.




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Project Information
  • Project Info

    6kW SolarEdge Smart Solar PV with Full house Backup

  • Category

    Residential Solar PV Project

  • Date


Our Main Goal was to significantly reduce the client Energy dependents on ESB.

While providing a professional product and service, which provides the Best Possible Efficiency and Investment Return



Project Details

  • 14 x 435WP Glass to Glass Tier 1 Mono PV Module
  • 14 x SolarEdge Power Optimiser
  • SolarEdge Hub Inverter with Backup interface
  • SolarEdge 10kW Battery
  • SolarEdge Backup Interface
  • Eddi Smart Immersion Heater / Hot Water Diverter
  • Handover to customer
  • SEAI Home Solar PV Grant
  • SEAI, RECI and BER with SEAI Handover Pack
  • SEAI Compliance Management
  • ESBN NC6 Management
  • 5 Years Operations and Maintenance backed by SolarEdge
  • After Care Support
    • Solar PV System Size

      6kWp DC

    • € Saved per annum

      2,400 on 40c/kW ESB Rate

    • CO2 Emission Saved / Annum


    • Project Completion Time

      2 Days

Solaredge Smart Solar - Mitigate Solar Fire Risk