Bunscoil Synage 6kW SolarEdge Solar PV Array

6kW Bunscoil Synge

Bunscoil Synage National School Turned their Roof into Green Energy with the help of VEEP Energy


The Project commenced in May 2024 and was completed under one day.



This school solar panel rooftop installation is a testament to our commitment to advanced technology, featuring 14 x 430WP Tier one Glass to Glass Mono pv panels and individual SolarEdge Power Optimisers.


The SolarEdge power optimisers allow monitoring of the solar panels on the module level and also boost the solar panel generation by a whopping 30% annually.


Moreover, the SolarEdge Solar system, a testament to our commitment to safety, provides unparalleled fire safety characteristics. Its ARC detection and fire prevention features ensure the Solar PV array is shut down within seconds in the event of a fault or arc development, enhancing the overall safety of the installation.


The SolarFox Solar Screen, a key component of our installation, not only allows the school Principal to track the Solar Generation and operation but also serves as an educational tool, helping to educate school staff members and kids about Solar Panels and Renewable energy.





This project was 100% Funder by the Department of Education and SEAI

School Grants available for your Solar PV project, contact us for more information

Project Information
  • Project Info

    6KWP School Smart SolarEdge SOLAR PV

  • Category

    School Solar PV Project

  • Date

    May 2024

  • € Saved per annum

    2,000 on 40c/kW ESB Rate

  • CO2 Emission Saved / Annum

    2.12 Tonnes

  • Project Completion Time

    1 Day

Bunscoil Synage 6kW SolarEdge Solar PV Array
SolarEdge inverter and Fire safety gear for schools in Ireland