Completed 216kW Smart SolarEdge Solar PV at FinePrint

216kW Fine Print Solar Panel installation


Our Main Goal was to provide Fine Print on the best available technology.

The Project commenced in May 2023 and was completed in less than three weeks.

This commercial rooftop solar PV panel installation consisted of 500 x 405Wp High-efficacy Q-cell PV panels and two 100kWp solar-edge smart solar inverter, providing additional fire safety for the whole PV project.


Veep Energy understands and shares Fine Print’s goal of significantly reducing its Energy dependence on Fossil Fuels and its Carbon Footprint, and we are committed to helping them achieve this.


Veep Energy is dedicated to providing Fine Print with a professional product and service that not only meets your energy needs but also delivers the best possible efficiency and investment return. We want you to feel confident in the value of our services.

This 500 Solar PV Modules equals to 216kW of Total PV Capacity

This combined Solar Panel Array(s) will generate least a whopping 180,000kW of energy (180MW per annum) is equal to 50 Average homes Annual Energy Consumption.
Summary of Solar Panel KPI
  • 500PV Modules
  • 216kW of DC Capacity
  • 180MW expected Electricity Generation per annum
  • 75Tonnes of CO 2 savings
  • 50 house powered 24/7/365
  • Equals to 3100 Trees Planted




Commercial SEAI Grants available for your Solar PV project, contact us for more information



Project Information
  • Project Info

    216kW SolarEdge Smart Solar PV

  • Category

    Commercial Solar PV Installation

  • € Saved per annum

    80,000 on 40c/kW ESB Rate

  • CO2 Emission Saved / Annum

    75 Tonnes

  • Project Completion Time

    3 Weeks

  • Date



Check out the Project Video

North Facing Roof Tiled back to South Facing with SolarEdge smart Solar
Jinko Solar Panels at Fine Print roof ready for install
Great Progress at FinePrint
Loading Solar Panels to FinePrint
Commercial Solar System Mounting installation
Commercial Solar Array with VanDerValk Frame
500 Solar Panels Arrivied at FinePrint
Large Commercial Solar Installation
Large Commercial Solar Installation
South and North Facing Roof Utilised on a Commercial Building
Solar Panel Near by shading with SolarEdge power optimisers
North Facing Roof tiled back to South with SolarEdge Smart Solar
216kW Commercial Solar Installation at Dublin
Fine Print 216kW SolarEdge Solar Installation in progress
216kW Commercial Solar Installation at Dublin
SolarEdge Emergency Solar PV Shutdowm
200kW Smart SolarEdge Solar Inverters
Fine Print Solar generation on day one
Fine Print Layout
Fine Print 216kW SolarEdge Solar PV System