Croí Na Coille Solar PV array as completed

12kW Solar PV with Battery for Croí Na Coille

Veep Energy installed an 6kWP SolarEdge Smart Rooftop Solar PV System After school in Dublin


The Project commenced in 2023 and was completed under one day.



This school solar panel rooftop installation is a testament to our commitment to advanced technology, featuring 28 x 430WP Tier one Glass to Glass Mono pv panels and individual SolarEdge Power Optimisers.


The Huawei Battery System allows the school to store surplus energy generated during daytime and store it for later us, i.e; when the sun goes down.



  • The End Customer is: Croí Na Coille
  • Principal Contractor is: Veep Energy
  • Project Developer and Manager: Veep Energy



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Project Information
  • Project Info

    12KWP School Smart Huawei SOLAR PV - Dublin

  • Category

    School Solar PV Project

  • Date


Our Main Goal was to reduce the school’s Energy dependence on ESB and provide the safest Solar PV array available on the market.


While providing a professional product and service which provides the Best Possible Efficiency and Investment Return



VEEP Energy Task was:

  • Project Design
  • Procurement
  • Customs Management
  • Design of the Solar & System
  • Health and Safety, Risk Assessment and Planning
  • Supply and Install of the School Solar PV Project
  • Compliance and Handover to the School Principal
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Handover Pack to the Department of Education and Grants Management
  • After Care Support
    • Solar PV System Size

      12kWp DC

    • € Saved per annum

      4,000 on 40c/kW ESB Rate

    • CO2 Emission Saved / Annum

      4.24 Tonnes

    • Project Completion Time

      1 Day

Croí Na Coille 16kW Creche Solar Panel Railing
Croí Na Coille Solar PV array as completed