written by the Zoltan N.



I was completing my undergraduate degree in computer science at DIT, and between 2011 and 2014, I started building a home lab with cheap servers from eBay. 


At one point, I started receiving 4-5 times higher Electrical bills than before, so in 2012-2013, I began to research a way to help myself and keep my Electricity consumption right. I tested various small-scale wind turbines in the home we were renting; then, I bought many books and watched many videos.


However, after 12 months, I couldn’t get a working solution, so between semester two and semester 3, I googled for courses in Ireland in the summertime. 

I joined FAS for a Small Scale wind turbine course in June 2015. During the four weeks in the class course, I learned the basics of grid-connected wind turbines and came across Solar PV panels.



I still remember seeing the Solar Panel’s benefits, working in cloud days, having no moving parts, click-fit and forget, etc. 

I immediately fell in love with technology and became hungry for more knowledge. I do remember harassing the Renewables teacher at FAS Finglas to push me in for the Solar PV Course; however, due to the high demand, the following free class was available only in September 2015, when I was due back to DIT for my second year on IT Undergrad.


Eventually, I made them put me on the standby list and ask them to call me if someone didn’t show up for their course, and I got lucky. On one Monday, I got a call stating that one participant didn’t show up, and they asked me would you like to jump in today?…


I couldn’t think; I couldn’t talk; it was shocking and satisfying at the same time. The only thing I said to the lady over the phone with my little English was, yes, no problem. I will be there in 2 hours.


I took two buses to get up to Finglas. I popped in for a 4-week in-class course and completed the course, and even though my English was poor at the time, I got certified for Solar PV with high Merit. As a student, I wasn’t flush with cash at the time; two months later, I started selling everything I had, including my car and in February 2015, I was able to purchase a 4kW Solar PV system from the UK for 7k cost at the time.

I got a Spark classmate from the Solar PV course to connect the inverter, and my partner (Andrea) and his brother helped me to install our very first solar panels, which took us 4 full days for the first time.


It was one of the most satisfying moments in my life.

Seeing the success, my partner Andrea asked me, if this works, why do we not do this as a business and help others as well?


I was passionate about technology, IT, and energy and felt obligated to share my knowledge and help others.


I needed to learn about business management, sales, scripts, accounts, processes, customer care, complaint management, planning, Health and Safety, human resource management, and many more.


I was surprised that I would have to learn these skills over time. However, I am a sustained person who does not give up something I believe in too quickly.


So, I & Andrea Registered SaveMeMoney Wind and Solar Ltd on the 24th of September 2015. And Timi joined us in early 2019.




We worked from a home office between 2015 and 2018 when our baby boy was due, and my partner Andrea asked me to move out of the company from the house to a proper office at this stage. 

In 2018, we took out our first approximately 30sq-meter office in Blanchardstown. In 2019, we could afford a small, approximately 50-square-meter warehouse, so just-in-time ordering became a past.

From 2015 till August 2018, we rented VANs for each job all the time, which was very hectic, expensive, and stressful. 

Since 2020, we have all our vehicles, which have grown to 9 modern vehicles.


We moved to a larger 250sq meter office+ Warehouse in February 2021. We took a second Office and Warehouse in May 2023, which provided us with a combined 550sq meters of storage and warehouse in Dublin 15, just 5 minutes away from the significant motorways so that we can reach our customers on time every day. 

We employ over 15 Full-time In-house engineers and have developed our internal quality control processes. Between 2023 and 2024, we also invested over 40,000 euros in our training room so our installers can finish their jobs on time and get home on time while they have time to explain to our customers how their Solar PV Systems work. So, it’s a win-win for everybody.



And we achieved these certifications and accreditations on the way 🙂